5 Businesses You Can Run From Home

Are you interested in working from home? A lot of people have been able to make this dream a reality. And you can too!

There are many ways you can work from home. And the Internet opened up many new opportunities. One of the best ways to get work from home is by providing a service people need. So, start by thinking about the skills and experience you already have and how you can use those skills to provide a service. Consider any experience, including jobs, paid work, volunteer work and tasks you perform at home. Look at your hobbies as well.


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Some skills and hobbies you can turn into a business include typing, writing, taking care of children, crafts, and cooking. But there are many others.

When working from home and providing services, you are typically an independent contractor or freelancer. Freelancers are typically self-employed and have the freedom to choose your projects and people or businesses you work for. You’ll work on a contract basis for a variety of people and businesses contrary to working as an employee for a single company.

Below are some businesses you can run from home: You can a VA business, a general transcription business, a medical transcription business, a daycare business, a cleaning business, a basket business, a writing business and many other home-based businesses.

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Five Home Based Businesses

Here are four ideas to make money from home in a home-based business.

1. Virtual Assistant Business (VA)

A Virtual Assistant handles administrative, marketing and other tasks for other business owners from their home office. A VA needs strong Internet, computer and administrative skills.

VAs work for a wide variety of customers.   The type of services they provide is only limited to their skills. The more skills and expertise virtual assistants have the more business they can get and the more money they can make. In addition to word processing, data entry and transcription, virtual assistants may offer a wide variety of services. Some specialize in one or more particular tasks. Tasks may include email management, Internet research, social media management, answering support tickets/email/chat support, blog management, graphic design, create PowerPoint Presentations, web design, SEO and more.

You probably already have some skills and as you continue to learn new skills, you’ll be able to offer more services to your clients. Some VAs acquired skills from a job or from attending college, technical schools or online training. But you can also acquire new skills by taking some classes at a local community college or online training programs.

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2. Transcription Business

Transcription is listening to audio or video recordings and then type what you hear. If you have the right skills, you may want to consider a transcription at home career. You need to be a fast typist, a good listener and have good grammar skills to work as a transcriptionist. You can be a general transcriptionist or business transcriptionist. Or get specialized training to become a medical transcriptionist or legal transcriptionist. If you know a particular industry really well, you can specialize in that industry.

General Transcription

Unlike medical transcription, you don’t have to learn medical terminology and take extensive classes to get general transcription work from home.

Get more information about Providing General Transcription Services Or Business Transcription Services From Home.

3. Resume Writing

Resume writing can be a business on its own or can be supplemental to other writing services or your VA business.

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4. Web Design Business

Web design is in high demand and being a web designer provides a great way to work from home.  Be aware that web design constantly changes and you constantly have to keep up and update your skills.

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5. Sell through eBay  and Amazon

Selling products on eBay and Amazon can generate a full-time income and give you a flexible schedule. They key is to find the right products to sell at the right price. You’ll want to do extensive research before buying any products you want to sell online. And it might take some trial and error before you’ll become a Power Seller.  But if you stick with it until you’ve learned some of the ropes and found profitable products to sell, it can provide you with a great income and a great lifestyle.

Amazon can even do the shipping for you.

With their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program, for a fee, Amazon will even handle packing, shipping and customer support and any customer issues that may arise after the sale.

As you can see, there are many possibilities to work from home. I am just mentioning a few here to get you thinking about what can work for you. Consider some of the ideas above or others that are compatible with your skills. You can start small and build up your business at your own pace, in your spare time.

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Resources to Help You Start a Home Business

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