Recommended Home Businesses

Below are some popular home businesses I recommend.

Of course, the best business for you depends on your skills and preferences.

Administrative Businesses

My Top 3 Recommendations



Top Pick 1: General Transcription (Non-Medical Transcription)

Audio and video transcription is one of the fastest growing, legitimate virtual jobs. Transcribing is putting spoken words into written form. You listen to a recording and type what you hear. If you have good typing, good listening, English and grammar skills, general transcription offers many opportunities to work from home. It is a great field to get into for stay-at-home moms, students, retired people and others who want to make money working from home part-time or full-time. To find out how to get general and business transcription work from home without knowing medical terminology. Click here for details.

Top Pick 2: Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistance is a rapidly growing industry. A Virtual Assistant provides administrative support to local and long-distance clients via the Internet, telephone, fax, and email. Lisa’s book will give you a roadmap to start your Virtual Assistant Practice. Click here for details.

Top Pick 3: Affiliate Marketing

Make $400,000/Year Selling Other People’s Stuff! Read Rosalind’s book to get the amazing story of how a women with no previous business experience earns $400+/year selling other people’s stuff online. To learn exactly how she does it, click here.

Rosalind also has a great multi-media course, call Affiliate Blogger Pro. If you want to become successfull with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend Rosalind’s materials. Learn how to select the best affiliate programs and more. Learn more here.

Professional Organizer

Becoming a Professional Organizer is a comprehensive start-up guide for the beginner and people who already started an organizing business. Click here to find out how to Become a professional organizer.

Creative Business


Web Design

If you have design skills and like creative work, a web design business can be a fun business with very good income potential but you know how to set yourself apart from your competitors. Find out how to start a web design business.

Writing Business


Resume Writing

Resume writing can be a business on its own or can be supplemental to other writing services or your secretarial or va business. Click here to find out how to start a resume writing business.

Businesses For Moms


Daycare Business

Staring a Day Care Center is a start-up kit that provides you with concrete no-nonsense information about how to start your own day care center from the ground up. Click here for details.


Ultimate Cleaning Business

No other training is this detailed in giving you the needed information on starting a cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning or other type of cleaning business. Learn how to get cleaning contracts and more. Click here for details.


Office Cleaning

Make $54,000 part-time in Your Own Office Cleaning Business. Instant Office Cleaning Kit. Click here for details.