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Practicing your typing is the best way to improve your typing speed.  First, find out what your current typing speed is so you can see how much you’re improving.

Do you know how fast you can type?

You can take typing tests online or at your local community college to see how fast you can type.

Take timed typing tests online to find out your WPM (Words Per Minute).

Your college can give you a typing certificate.You can improve your typing speed with online typing tutorials or you can invest in software.  When practicing, focus on improving your speed without sacrificing accuracy.

By practicing your typing and using some of these typing courses, your typing speed will increase substantially. Websites like TypingTest.com offer typing tests to improve your speed and accuracy.

Mavis Beacon and Typing Tutor are great programs to help develop your speed and learn to type correctly.Following are some free typing test and practice sites:

Disclaimer: I only recommend products I believe in. If you purchase a product through a referral link, I will get a commission. It won’t cost you a dime extra, and it helps keep this blog going.

Steno Speed: FREE.This is a great  website for transcriptionists and people wanting to become a transcriptionist . It provides a collection of sound files. Some files have accompanying text.You can use these files to practice typing and build skills to pass transcription tests. Most are timed dictation and some are live recordings.

check your typing speedLearn 2 Type: This is a popular typing tutor. You can also take the online typing test to check your speed.  The interactive exercises automatically adjusts to your skill level. The better you get, the more challenging the typing exercises become. This is a great site for people who allready have a decent typing speed but want to increase their speed even more.

The sites below have text files and/or lessons.

Alfa Typing: A full typing study course free.

ARTypist: This site will help you to learn touch typing and improving your typing skills.

Good Typing: This site offers 27 guided lessons to learn step-by-step from the beginning with the choice of eighteen different keyboard layouts to learn typing correctly in just a few hours using all your fingers.

Keybr: This site offers to train you to type at the “speed of thought!” It keeps live track of all your mistakes and your words-per-minute (wpm), and even creates graphs of your performance. There is a custom mode where you can edit the text that you want to practice and the content of web sites or blogs into Keybr to type it out.

Power Typing: Another online free typing tutor.



Type Online: A structured touch typing course.

Typing tutor-online: This is a typing lesson web application developed by Egbert Beuker.

Here are other ways you can use to practice transcription, increase your skills and get ready to pass transcription tests.

Check out my book to help you get started with  general transcription work.

Practicing transcription with practice audio, also called practice files, is the best way to increase your transcription speed. Click here to find general and business transcription practice files.


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