Use Your Skills To Start a Home Business

The possibilities of working from home appeals to many people and offers many benefits such as being able to stay at home with your children, working your own hours and avoiding rush hour traffic.  But while you might consider working from home, the first question you will probably ask yourself is, what work can I do from home?

Evaluate Your Skills & Experience

Whether you realize it or not, you already have some skills, experience and knowledge that can help you make money from home.

  • A good place to start getting ideas for some home businesses that might work for you is by making a list of your work experiences, skills and knowledge.
  • List what you can do, what you like to do and what you want to do.
  • List any training you have.
  • List the type of industries and businesses you’ve worked for. You can use your knowledge of a specific industry to start a business. For example, is you worked for a real estate company, you can become a VA specialized in that industry.
  • List hobbies and interests. Can you provide a service for people with that hobby? Can you teach them something? Can you sell them something they need though eBay or Amazon or your own website?
  • List all the tasks you’re performing at work (current jobs or previous jobs). Can you do some of those tasks for other people?
  • And even if you’ve never worked a regular job, you have skills. Being a mom or dad helps you develop your people, communication and management skills. List all the tasks you’re performing at home. Can you do some of those tasks for other people? Planning dinner parties or birthday parties requires organization skills. If you can fix computers, cell phones, cars or other, you can be in high demand. Write down everything you do as a mom or dad.

Home Business Ideas & Resources

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Here are some services you can offer to make money from home.

Office and computer skills?

Are you using a computer, laptop or tablet and the Internet to email friends or update your Facebook page? Tasks like typing, word processing, Internet use and computer use can come in handy in a home business.  If you have good typing, word processing and grammar skills, you may consider offering general transcription services.

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Good typing, English and grammar skills?

Those skills are needed to offer writing, editing, transcription and VA services. And they will be helpful to communicate with customers when running any kind of home business.

Find out how to make money from home as a general or business transcriptionist.

Typing, computer and organizational skills? 
Become a Virtual Assistant (VA Business In A Box)

Creative skills? 
If you have graphics skills, you can become a web designer or graphics designer. You can design logos, business cards, web sites and menus for restaurants.

Writing skills?
There is a tremedous demand for writing and editing services.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to use your skills to make money from home.

You Can Do It!

After listing all your skills, experience and likes, go through the list and write down what type of businesses need your skills and experience.

You may not have all the skills needed for the business you’re considering, but if you’re willing to take some additional training or classes, you will be opening up additional opportunities.

Ideally, you want to find some work that you like. But to build a successful business, you also want to be sure that there is a market for your services or products. You want to provide services or products that people need and want to pay for.

Once you have found one or more home businesses ideas that appeal to you, research the market for that businesses, talk to people who run the same type of business, buy a couple of books,  and then go for it!

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